did you know? Our Nursery School is
the school which provides the best possible care for children ages 1½ - 6 ...
the school which provides a warm and caring home-like environment within a structured, developmentally appropriate program ...
where Children learn best through play, discovery and hands on experiences...
where Teachers serve as guides who provide the children with many opportunities to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment...
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    We believe
    that each child is a unique individual who has the right to learn and grow in an environment centered on him.


    In Adventure Land Nursery School children will be exposed to a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, socialization, large muscles, group activities and general learning. Our school is an innovative solution that acts as virtual parents, broadening the children's skills during the day. This is not a babysitter facility. The children are engaged throughout the day, learning new skills and reinforcing already acquired ones.



  • Enrollment

    Thank you so much for your interest in Adventure Land Nursery School, and welcome to our unique and proven early childhood education community! We strongly believe that our students are enriched in ways that go above and beyond all others. The reasons why we're the best in our field directly reflect our core values - Adventure Land's formula for success: We select the best teachers to work in the best environment with the best resources. We add accountability, acknowledgement and affordability. The result? Happy children engaged in learning - delightful little explorers, athletes, scientists, journalists and scholars, using their whole beings and behavior to discover the world from a place of safety and comfort.



    School serves healthy, family-style gourmet lunches to students to help them learn good table manners, healthy eating habits and how to serve themselves.


    School Hours

    We are open 5 days a week, Monday throught Friday from 7:00am till 7:00pm.

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  • Curriculum

    Cognitive Development
    Children have the opportunity to develop concepts of math, science, and social studies through such activities as building with blocks, measuring and pouring sand and water, or ingredients for cooking, observing changes in the seasons, and caring for animals in the classroom, Through creative and dramatic play involving such equipment as housekeeping centers, dress-ups, puzzles and games, imagination and social skills are developed.

    Language Development
    Children need many opportunities to see how reading, writing, and language are useful before beginning any instruction in letter sounds and words. Activities which promote readiness and language development include stories read and told by children and teachers, poems, drawings accompanied by stories dictated by children, and job charts in the classroom, all of which show language in print form. Talking with other children during play and talking informally with teachers, as well as dramatic play enhance language development.

    Sensory Development
    Children have many opportunities to observe, taste, touch and listen as they explore the surrounding environment. Cooking experiences and field trips enhance scientific concepts as the classroom expands beyond its four walls. Aesthetic Development Daily art and handwork activities provide opportunities for individual experimentation and creativity utilizing a wide variety of materials. Our music program includes singing, listening for appreciation, playing rhythm instruments and participation in rhythmic activities and dancing.

    Motor Skills
    Our outdoor playground is well equipped and designed to stimulate imaginations as large motor skills are developed while climbing and riding on toys chosen for safety and challenge. Daily outdoor play allows children to be free to express themselves loudly and energetically! Small motor skills are developed through the use of play activities such as pegboards, puzzles, scissors, painting and clay.

  • Program Enrichments

    Adventure Land supports its academic curriculum with specially selected programs and activities designed to expand our students knowledge and experience in health and wellness, communication and expression, music, dance and martial arts.

    Many of these enrichments are available to all Adventure Land students as part of their daily learning, at no additional fee:
    Gymnastics - This pre-school gymnastics program is designed for boys and girls aged 2-6. Using a variety of equipment such as bars, beams and vaults, instructors highlight your little athlete's skills by incorporating various music, shapes and visual aids. Each week brings a new and exciting curriculum to encourage your child's physical ability. This non-competitive program will challenge, excite and reward your child.
    Music program - Age-appropriate music experience program gives your child the chance to explore an assortment of instruments, songs and creative movement. Every lesson includes music appreciation, singing, ear training, rhythmic patterns and the fundamentals of music. Activities are intended to promote physical and cognitive development, while enjoying a creative experience. Music education has been proven to improve concentration, memory and self-expression.
    Dance - Led by trained, professional instructors, our age-appropriate dance classes let children creatively express themselves while learning and practicing the movement techniques of latin dance and hip-hop. Additional dance techniques are taught for older children. Anual school shows let family members witness the success of their tiny, skilled dancers.

    Other extracurricular classes are available at many of our schools for a reasonable fee. Please ask school director for information regarding a particular program:
    Martial Arts - Our specially designed Taekwondo program features focused classes that advance students at their own pace, as they practice martial arts basics and techniques for self-protection. Not only do children strengthen their flexibility and stamina through the practice of martial arts, but they also develop strong character.
    Chess - These classes provide a multitude of benefits to our young strategists! Children who play chess have been shown to improve their math and reading skills, but the benefits go far beyond academic.
    Foreign Language - Foreign Language will give students at each school a jump start at learning a second language. According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, learning a second language at an early age: has a positive effect on intellectual growth. Enriches and enhances a child's mental development. Leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening. Improves a child's understanding of his/her native language; Gives a child the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to know. Opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries.

  • Twos 18 months - 3 years

    Tows are transitioning from the utter dependence of infancy to the more mobile, independent world of todlers. They are learning in leaps and bounds how to communicate, move purposefully and assert their individuality. At Adventure Land, our teachers introduce routines and offer positive guidance to help give our child the confidence to practice new skills and embrace new experiences. Weekly, theme-based learning plans meet the diverse needs of every child through researched activities. This consistent-yet-changing, low-ratio atmosphere matches your child's rapidly emerging interests and abilities, and offers many opportunities for early reading, math, science, construction and imaginative play learning experiences.

    Language Development
    Our teachers: respect our toddlers' varied stages of language; speak clearly and frequently to all the children; use books, rhyming songs and fingerplays to promote the use of speech in social settings.

    Physical Development
    We foster the next level of physical development through: rhythm games and dancing, to help your toddler learn the joys of physical expression; coloring, painting, gluing, working puzzles and building with blocks, to help your child refine fine motor skills; and climbing, hopping and tumbling in our secure and closely monitored indoor and outdoor play areas.

    Social/Emotional Development
    Our teachers: guide and model positive interactions for our children; cultivate a classroom culture of respect for children's needs and feelings; acknowledge and encourage empathy; nurture independent activity and foster peer relationships; and support self-help skills.

    Cognitive Development
    We help your toddler develop critical learning skills through: guessing and listening games; cause-and-effect activities; a variety of toys your child can stack, sort, match or count; areas for sensory experiences, artistic expression and pre-writing opportunities; and guidance and encouragement of problem-solving skills.

  • Todlers 3 - 4 years

    Todlers are eager learners with growing energy and interests. They are ready for more independence as they pursue their natural curiosity to explore and discover. They can be challenged more, but they can also be more challenging! At Adventure Land Nursery School, our highly trained teachers prepare weekly, theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child, as well as to the group as a whole. Daily schedules and other routines help nurture your child's trust and confidence. Low-ratio learning centers serve as hubs for activities related to pre-literacy, math, science, computers, dramatic and sensory play, art and music.

    Language Development
    Phonetic awareness is promoted through books, songs and activities. Literature is introduced in displays, reading and conversations. Print concepts such as letter and word recognition, and learning to track left to right and top to bottom are illustrated and practiced. Vocabulary builds as words are introduced through stories and reinforced through play. Letter names, shapes and sounds are emphasized in many activities. Teachers model correct grammar and sentence structure.

    Physical Development
    Vigorous exercise happens daily, both inside and outside. Climbing, dancing, running, and throwing, rolling and kicking balls help develop coordination and strength. A variety of toys, games and writing materials help develop finer muscles and motor skills. Healthy eating habits are established through family-style meals and self-serve snacks.

    Social/Emotional Development
    We encourage your todler to: explore and discover within our secure, supportive environment; identify their own feelings; empathize with other's feelings; recognize the rights of others; create healthy, friendly peer relationships; develop means of self-expression and self-direction; and follow simple routines and rules, helping internalize a sense of structure.

    Cognitive Development
    We help your preschooler develop critical learning skills through: providing materials for stacking, sorting, matching, counting and one-to-one correspondence; offering opportunities to practice increasingly complex problem-solving; demonstrating the concept of cause-and-effect via scientific observations in nature; open-ended art projects and dramatic play, to spur creativity and imagination; and open-ended questions, to spur critical thinking.

  • Pre-school 4 - 5 years

    Four- and five-year-olds are all about self-expression, and are beginning to consider what others are thinking and feeling, too. They need a strong underpinning of natural curiosity, cooperation, confidence, communication skills, and a healthy dose of learning excitement as they get ready to go to kindergarten.
    At Adventrue Land, our credentialed educators know that research shows early literacy competency is a strong indicator of not only literacy, but also overall academic success once a student reaches school age. So our pre school curriculum concentrates upon literacy-awareness activities, such as: letter recognition and letter sounds; recognition of classmate names; storytelling; story development anticipation; print concepts; letter writing and early spelling through phonics; writing; and other literacy opportunities within classroom learning centers. More structured planning, lower ratios and regular routines help establish the stability and consistency students need to feel sure of themselves, and help move them toward the scheduled environment of school. Classroom learning centers are altered weekly to correlate to the learning plan, and sustain students' interest and involvement.

    Language Development
    Students learn to: use new sounds and words; connect letters with sounds; use letters representing sounds as they practice writing words; complete more complex sentence structures; retell stories and connect various narrative events; follow multi-step directions; and give detailed answers to complex questions.

    Physical Development
    Continued physical development of your student is enhanced through: fun activities and games that involve vigorous climbing, jumping and running; learning to throw balls at targets and to catch thrown balls; and printing letters, drawing specific shapes and stringing objects together finer skills that prepare students for the sort of manipulative tasks they will encounter in kindergarten.

    Social/Emotional Development
    Students practice their independence and self-reliance as they acquire a sense of accomplishment and responsibility from completing tasks. Students practice cooperation and especially empathic understanding of others as these qualities are consistently recognized and reinforced in preparation for the emotional and social environment of the kindergarten classroom.

    Cognitive Development
    Students' problem-solving skills develop, as they learn to understand, explain and practice the concept of cause-and-effect. Students categorization skills develop, as they learn to sort objects by group and subgroup. Students higher-level thinking develops, as they learn how to measure, identify patterns and return to tasks they began earlier. Students math skills develop, as they learn to count and identify one-to-one associations for numbers 1 - 10. Students creativity and imaginative expression develop, as they continue with art, dramatic play and role-playing.

  • Kindergarden

    Your child's kindergarten experience should be exceptional! Research shows that the success children achieve during this year is a major indicator of future academic success. Our comprehensive, nationally recognized and accelerated kindergarten curriculum implemented by experienced, certified teachers builds the foundation to ensure the following years are equally exceptional! You want this important year to be the very best for your child, and you will find that at Adventure Land Nursery School. Our kindergartners discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners.

    Our program, prestigious curriculum and long-term experience with school districts ensure school readiness and success for your child.

  • Summer Camp

    Our year-round developmental learning curriculum continues through the summer to provide your children with intellect-stimulating programming, health and wellness education and character-building activities disguised as fun!
    Make your child's summer a whole-child adventure that will nourish his or her mind, body and spirit!